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Jul 24

Shook feat. Ronika: “Distorted Love”

Veronica Sampson shows she still has it in 2012. “Automatic” — the first of her April single releases — deserves praise, even though its tip-top disco-funk beat was shamelessly ripped off from “Together” by Odyssey, a track that Nile Rodgers contributed to. Well, this certainly explains why the legend is now propping Ronika (for why should he disavow his own piece?). It’s a shame though that not a bit of it can be called creative sampling, which is what I expected from Ronika. Still, she does nicely on “Distorted Love,” which I see more as a solid album track rather than a stimulating lead single. The track’s phenomenally accurate beat by Shook won’t let the young British singer-songwriter go wrong, and that counts. We’re awaiting the debut LP like nothing else in this dullish year.

By Kacper Bartosiak

(Originally published at Porcys.com in May 2012; translated by Krzysztof Pytel with editing by Emily Pudalov)