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Aug 28

Crab Invasion: “Dart”

The lovable Lublin-based group Crab Invasion are one of the few Polish acts right now that really measure up to what every noble-minded band should. Things simply happened to work out that way. The evolution of their music over the last several months is a subject for a broader discussion, so I’ll tell it in a nutshell, and try not to sound overly ecstatic: “Dart” is an extract of pretty much everything that Friendly Fires’ Pala amazed us with. The album’s influence is clearly apparent in the chorus, and I don’t doubt that this is the direction modern pop should follow. 

By Kacper Bartosiak

(Originally published in Polish at Porcys.com in May 2013; translated by Krzysztof Pytel)

May 31

Klaves: “Hope It Gets to Love”

While officially debuting with three songs this year, Mikołaj Gramowski is not really a first-time producer; as he recently mentioned in a radio interview, he’s been making music on the side for quite a while now. If I got it right, it had taken him more or less a year to complete “Hope It Gets to Love” since first acquiring his gear. Considering the support (and funding) he’s been getting from his label, too, we may expect interesting things to come from the young Poznań-based artist. “Hope It Gets to Love” successfully puts together a house rhythm with 2-step embellishments, to which the video’s characters dance, spaz out, or simply lie on a floral-pattern background. The production and musicality do appeal, and though the means are similar to those used in “Will You,” the track obviously has more hit potential; thanks to its rich arrangement, it won’t wear out on you fast, either.

By Krzysztof Pytel

(Originally published in Polish at Porcys.com in April 2013, translated by the author)

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Dec 7

Armando Suzette: “All Hallows Eve”


Armando Suzette is a project of Mateusz Tondera, the vocalist of the quite unremembered Cracow-based indie rock band White Rabbit’s Trip. Ditching the sharp-edged tone of the band, he put out an EP, Summer Quest, in 2010. It was a bit of a chaotic set of demos with surf accents redolent of early Animal Collective. However, “All Hallows Eve,” released on Halloween 2011, took a more concrete form and was Armando’s best production back then. Withdrawing from all remnants of rock, Tondera focused on synths and created a neat low-budget bedroom R&B sketch. Over the absolutely spartan background of keys and a terse drum loop, the astonishingly meandering vocal melodies are both charming and disquieting.

By Łukasz Konatowicz

(Originally published at Porcys.com in November 2011. Translated by Krzysztof Pytel)

Nov 7

Rycerzyki: “The Mating Season”


Rycerzyki come from the same pocket of the Kraków scene that birthed Die Flöte, and similarly paraphrase indie’s must-have tropes of the moment. Imagine Stereolab covering “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac, as re-imagined by Nite Jewel. “Mating Season” beckons with its lack of pretension and tastefulness of arrangement. Given the minimal production, the song sounds like a throwback to the post-disco and post-kraut era, right when Yo La Tengo and Stereolab were fashioning their influences into the modern standard of indie pop.

By Michał Hantke

(Originally published at Porcys.com in September 2012; translated by Patryk Mrozek)

Sep 22

ZaStary: Stary Dance (EP)

While the guys from Crab Invasion, one of Poland’s most promising rock outfits right now, are gearing up for a missile volley in honor of the classy guitar twang to come on their debut album, the band’s frontman has decided to start shooting early. And his solo act is by no means a blind shot.

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